Monday, May 3, 2010

Here it goes... the first blog

So this is me.....

Basically, I got started with the influence of Von Dutch and Big Daddy Roth, but took it to a whole other level.
Over the years I’ve come a long way from the 60’s when I painted with spray paint cans and felt tip markers, and painting murals on vans and airbrushing T-shirts at fairs and car events. Now most of my work is done digitally using my Wacom board attached to my new Mac. When I miss the crazy fumes I’m still known to fling some paint on a car, t-shirt, or canvas.

Music is a huge influence on my daily life as well as my artwork. When I’m not playing music in a band or in my studio, you can bet your ass there are tunes coming from my computer or stereo. Jazz, punk, old R&B and of course surf mostly from the 60’s are normally on a loop in my studio.

In the late 60’s motorcycles and outlaw motorcycle clubs were a huge influence in my life. The roar of the motors the flash of the chrome and the obnoxious attitude as well as the freedom of the road lured me in and changed and me forever. After that, while living in Hawaii in the early 70’s, I studied the art of Tiki’s and the surf movement, which is still obvious in my Tiki paintings and products. But I didn’t stop there! Monsters, chicks, aliens, hot rods and pretty much everything I can think of show up on my canvas or computer screen now. Basically you never know what I’m going to come up with….

Can you dig it? If so keep checkin back on this blog and see what I’m up to and enlighten you to what I’m really all about.


  1. Franco!! Good luck with your new blog buddy!!! It's really boss stuff and a lot of fun! Take care my fellow Fink Friend....Your Cartoon Drag Fink Pal....Jeff

  2. For a blog with an 'adult content' disclaimer, it sure is full of clean language... hahaha